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Phoenix, Arizona, resident Jeffrey Hunter didn’t expect to be staying in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation facility at age 61.


However, after an exacerbation of his heart failure, as well as a bone infection, Hunter needed rehabilitation in order to get back to his normal life.


Hunter came to Life Care Center of Scottsdale, Arizona, on Jan. 8, 2018, for physical and occupational therapies. When he arrived, he relied on others for all of his mobility and self-care. He couldn’t walk, stand, bathe or take care of his daily grooming routine without total assistance, and he needed extensive assistance to roll over in bed and get dressed.


As Hunter began therapy six days a week, he was not able to do long sessions of activity. He required rest breaks with oxygen support. However, as time went on, he improved. The physical therapy team worked with Hunter on strengthening and endurance, and soon he was able to progress from walking between the parallel bars to walking with a walker. Eventually, he was able to walk more than 400 feet independently.


Hunter also took part in occupational therapy to relearn how to take care of himself. By the time he was ready to leave, he was able to take care of his self-care activities with setup assistance.


“It was a steady and remarkable recovery, requiring lots of courage, self-motivation and most of all a positive attitude to participate in therapy daily,” said Kristina Mackin, director of rehab services. “Mr. Hunter showed steady and consistent improvement.”


On Feb. 15, Hunter returned home independently.